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Telecom Expense Management, The Core of Our Services

Utilizing Craft Enterprises Telecom Expense Management (TEM) services can help your business cut costs, increase productivity, and get more from your existing communications infrastructure. You may be over-spending on mobile device management, overlapping telephony networks and carrier contracts, or on staff expertise applied to billing and invoice management. We can help you quickly gain visibility into your communications spend patterns and identify areas for short term and long term savings. Whether applying cash savings from telephony contract consolidation, from overpayments on disputed bills or from the reallocation of staff to your core business, improved telecom expense management contributes directly to your bottom line.

Project Management

Craft can function as an outsourced Project Manager (PM)  for your organization with program and project management services that will help you to achieve your implementation objectives. Our PM offering usually involves working on finite projects with short-term objectives. However we can also provide services that extend over a long period with varying levels of involvement. Our team works as an extension of your organization to identify timelines, outline the project scope, allocate resources and manage costs through a well-managed project and implementation plan.

Managed Mobility Services

Our TEM solution provides a complete overview of your organization’s telecom spend, down to each individual text, call or megabyte of data.

With Craft’s TEM, you will see exactly where your telecom spend is going, identify which employees are overusing or abusing their company device, and find useful information to put yourself in a stronger negotiating position with your service providers.

Telecom Life Management Cycle

A current and accurate telecommunications inventory is essential to operational efficiency

Help Desk Support

Help desk professionals work with systems like yours on a regular basis, so they possess expertise in areas such as networking, security, telecommunications and the financial applications you depend on.

The best third-party providers will maintain a vast amount of documentation on your company’s nuances so that everyone on the team understands the details of your unique environment and can proceed accordingly should an issue arise.

Invoice Management

Save your AP department from drowning in a sea of paper with efficient, accurate, and timely invoice processing. Strengthen supplier relationships, improve efficiency, and increase invoicing compliance with Craft Enterprises’ invoicing solutions.

Acquisition Support

We act as the liaison between the incoming and outgoing parties, and ensure the effective and seamless transfer of telecommunications services.

Our Philosophy

We are more than a telecom expense management firm. Our mission is to provide you with one-point-of-contact and accountability for all of your telephony and network needs. This means that you will no longer spend a large percentage of your time identifying, tracking down and following up on a number of your vendors when a problem or need arises.


We pride ourselves in efficient, friendly service and consider such service the cornerstone of our organization. We are prepared to offer the following comprehensive services with our single-point-of-contact and accountability as the foundation; a philosophy we challenge our competitors to and proudly stand behind.

Reduce Costs

Make sure that you aren’t still paying for services you have cancelled or never used. Be confident that your rate plans are optimized for your needs.

Expand Your Team

Our experienced expense management and technology specialists become an extension of your team, reducing your staffing needs and costly headcount

Error Resolution

Gain credits through monthly electronic invoice acquisition, validation and dispute of telecom billing errors. We will keep fighting for you until we have all billing errors resolved

Enhance Visibility

We pride ourselves on showing you our effectiveness and progress in reducing your costs through business intelligence reporting and dashboards

Additional Services

Our certified consultants have best-in-class expertise to provide services that not only monitor and secure our client’s networks, but also educate them on ways to grow their infrastructures with an emphasis on cost effectiveness and security.

Managed Network Devices

Security and Compliance

Network Cabling / Wiring

Internet / Failover Service

Managed Email

Computer Support

Managed Phone Solutions

Helpdesk Support

What Do Our Customers Say?

We pride ourselves in building strong relationships with our customers.

Consistent Communication

There are few companies or resources that I can ask to handle an issue and do not require follow-up. I can comfortably say, "I have asked Craft Enterprises to handle it.", and know it has been handled through the consistent communication and updates

P. Cipollina Vice President

Customer Satisfaction

Craft Enterprises treats every incident as if it were the only one on their plate at the time! They take all the worry away and follow through until resolution is reached to their customer’s 100% satisfaction….guaranteed!

F. Bordenkircher District Manager

Taking the Lead

Craft Enterprises continues to help us save money on our annual telecom spending, takes the lead on all acquisitions, and provides outstanding technical support to all of our locations across the US and Puerto Rico.

M. Oliveria IT Director

Never Disappointed

I've never been disappointed. Craft Enterprises is a top-notch organization built on satisfying its client needs related to telecom. They have been first to prepare, quick to respond, and phenomenal at obtaining results!

M. Laubecher District Manager

A Valued Partner

Craft Enterprises is a valued partner, saving us time and money by managing our telecom and internet services, allowing us to focus on our core business.  They are truly worth their weight in gold.

E. Hainrihar VP Operations